Auxiliary verbs

Auxiliary verbs, also called helping verbs, are used with a main verb to create compound verb forms.


This lesson introduces the various forms English uses to indicate the future.

Irregular verbs

A list of the most common irregular English verbs, including their simple past conjugations and present and past participles.

Modal verbs

This lesson explains the grammar of modal verbs and where they are placed in a sentence or question.

Past participle

The past participle is a verb form that indicates a completed action. It is used in perfect aspects, adverb clauses, and the passive voice.

Past perfect

The past perfect, or pluperfect, is a compound verb form which requires two verbs: had and a past participle.

Past perfect progressive

The past perfect progressive, also called the pluperfect progressive is a compound verb form. It requires three verbs: had + been + verb+ing.