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Learn how to talk about the weather in English.

The question to ask is How’s the weather? or What’s the weather like? – they mean the same thing. To answer, you will start with It is or It’s … For example: It is warm.

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warm hot

very hot


very cold




nice out bad weather
humid foggy  

In English, the present progressive is often used to describe the weather at the moment of speaking. Here is the fomula: It is + present participle.

drizzling raining


sleeting snowing


More vocabulary:

storm   Any bad weather that includes lots of rain, snow, or wind.
lightning A bright streak of light in the sky.
thunder The sound that accompanies lightning.
downpour An unusually large amount of rain in a very short period of time.
flood A rise in the water level of a river or low area of land that is normally dry.
heatwave An extended period of heat that last for several days or as long as a week.
drought An extended period of little or no rain in a region that usually experiences rain.
mist A cloud of water droplets that is in contact wit the earth. Mist = Fog.
drizzle A very light rain.
sleet Frozen rain.
gust A strong blow of wind that last for several seconds during a windy day.
tornado A large and often destructive vortex of wind usually occurring in flat open expanses.
hurricane A massive storm accompanied by lots of rain and wind.
windchill A drop in temperature associated with a very cold wind.
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