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Bathroom vocabulary

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Here is vocabulary related to the bathroom. Click on the links to hear the sound files.


sink drain faucet
mirror toilet toilet seat
toilet lid toilet bowl flush handle
toilet paper toilet paper holder toilet bowl brush
plunger shower shower head
shower valve bath mat bath towel
hand towel wash cloth towel rod
soap soap dish bath gel
toothbrush toothpaste toothbrush holder
shampoo and conditioner hairbrush comb
tweezers nail file nail clippers
razor scissors cotton balls
cotton swabs    

Here are some useful phrases.

Where is the bathroom?
Can / Could you tell me where the bathroom is please?
May I use your bathroom?

Note that Americans do not like to say toilet.

Here are some more useful phrases.

The toilet will not flush.
There is no toilet paper.
Where is the light switch?
How do you turn on the light?
I need to wash my hands.
There is no hot water.
There are no towels.
The sink/shower/tub won’t drain.
The bathroom is dirty.
The bathroom has not been cleaned.
There is a problem with the ….
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