Possessive adjectives

Possessive adjectives describe to whom or to what something belongs. There is one possessive adjective for each grammatical person.

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Singular Plural
subject possessive
subject possessive
1st per. I my we our
2nd per. you your you your
3rd per. he
they their

The possessive adjective is used directly in front of a noun with no article.

my brother
my sister
my parents

Possessive adjectives do not change according to the number of items belonging to the person.

singular noun   plural noun
his book his books
her book her books

Its is the possessive adjective for things. Note that there is no apostrophe: difference between its and it’s.

The hotel is new. Its vestibule is large.
The hotel is new. Its rooms are expensive.

With a list of things belonging to the same person, only use one possessive adjective.

his brother and sister
my mother and father
our tables, chairs, and lamps

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