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Your vs You’re

You're vs your
You’re building your own house?
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Mixed up English

What’s the difference between your and you’re? Your presence on this page means you’re about to find out.


Your is the second person possessive adjective, used to describe something as belonging to you. Your is always followed by a noun or gerund.

What is your name?

Is this your pen?

Your book is on the table.

This is your chair and this is mine.

What happened to your dog?

This is your best work ever!

Your being here is causing some problems.

I didn’t know your working late would be so difficult.

Your cooking is the best!


You’re is the contraction of "you are" and can be followed by a present participle, noun, or adjective.

You’re going to be late.

Is that what you’re wearing?

I think you’re lying.

If you’re ready, we can go.

I can’t believe you’re a doctor!

When you’re my age, you’ll understand.

While you’re at it, change the other lightbulb in the kitchen.

You’re welcome.

You’re the best!

The Bottom Line

The confusion between your and you’re occurs because the two words are pronounced pretty much the same.

The ironclad rule – no exceptions – is that if you’re able to replace the word with "you are," you’re saying you’re. Otherwise, your only choice is your.

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